Friday, September 25, 2009

When People Help You Pack Your Underwear

Today I learned something new about myself. Alyson and Tereza helped me see it. Can you see the theme here that Tereza is a wise woman in my life who helps me see things I might otherwise miss or block out.

When we were packing up my stuff and trying to decide what to bring to MA and what to put in my shed to make room in my house for others to use it I learned that I have an abundance thing about underwear.

In the past, people have commented on the number of underwear that I have (small community, line drying). I always explain that I only do laundry once a month (I also have a lot of clothing apparently) and the limiting factor is underwear. To me this seems to make a lot of sense because laundry here relies on a number of factors coinciding; enough sun so that the power system can handle it, enough rain so that the cistern is full enough, and sharing the one laundry machine with 50 other people so hoping that it is available when I want to do my laundry.

As I was trying to choose which underwear to bring, the stack kept getting bigger and bigger. Even with coaching I couldn't make the stack get very small. Even with the reminder that it is easier to do laundry in the places that I will be, the stack did not get much smaller. Even when the stack got small enough to pass my coaches strict standards I knew that I still had some underwear hidden in the laundry that could also come with me once I do my laundry......

I generally think of myself as someone who has few if any addictions...... now I know better. One of the bits of advice I got from a friend when all of this was starting was to let go of any ideas I have about who I am. So maybe I am someone who has some addictions.


  1. Speaking of laundry, let me know if you need any help doing yours - I'm happy to do it!

  2. ha ha! I just realized that I have an abundance of shoes. Not books, not cds, not anything else just shoes. 3 pairs of various dance shoes, ultimate frisbee shoes, boots, comfortable shoes, etc. Anyway I think it's a funny addiction for me. But underwear is really funny. I understand your logic though.

  3. Dont feel bad about this....I love underwear...and worse...I insist on matching my underwear with what I am wearing that day...I can't help a sicko.