Saturday, September 26, 2009


I have always loved the phenomenon when I think about someone a lot and then they contact me. It happens a lot in my life and I never take it for granted. Each time it happens I revel in the mystery of the energetics that allow such things to happen.

The other day I was looking at Lambikins sitting on my windowsill. Lambikins is a doll I rescued from the Milkweeds trash.

Aside.... I think its time to introduce the word co because today I found out that everyone who sees Lambikins has a different idea about what pronoun to use with co. Co being a gender neutral pronoun to use in place of him, her, or any others that you would insert.

Anyway, I always coveted Lambikins when Jeffrey and I house and dog sat for the Milkweeds so I was pretty excited that the Milkweeds didn't want co anymore because co was too scary. Lambikins was made by Shining Unicorn and is one of a number of dolls she made that I got really excited about. I had dreams of finding a funky gallery in New York City where we could sell Shining Unicorns dolls for lots of money so that she could follow her passion of becoming a no-good layabout.

Okay back to the point.... I was looking at Lambikins thinking "if I die, who is going to want Lambikins." I also thought "should Lambikins come with me when I go to MA? No, co is too scary, not the right energy."

The very next day Sharon brought me a package that had come in the mail. A pink shoebox from Shining Unicorn. Inside I found Lolo The Room who has a consistently excellent attitude and MizDah her butterfly friend. So now I not only have a doll to accompany me on my journey, but I also get to revel in the co-energetics that I had with Shining Unicorn.

If you have been coveting Lambikins, you should let me know so that I can put co in my will for you. I think my will might be kind of funny when I get to writing it. No car, no big house, not really any jewelry (okay there are a few things but I don't know where they are) but things like handmade dolls painted with rancid paint and my falling apart black and white dress that dates back from before Dana and Ed's wedding (where I think I wore it with red tights to my moms chagrin) or the enameled cast iron pan with lid that I bought for Sharon and Rachel for their wedding but then didn't feel like traveling with it to MA, or that really cool weathered cabinet that I got out of the toxic shed, or.......

ps. I am considering getting even higher tech and trying to post some photos so you too can see Lambikins and Lolo The Room and MizDah.

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  1. Oh! No! Lamikins was SO NOT in the trash! We were just looking for a new home for co, and were so happy when you took Lamikins home with you. I love "Shining Unicorn"'s work - would never toss it out (can't wait to see the new stuff!) sending virtual hugs to you.