Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pain WIthout Fear

I have felt this way before also. Today I am having pain similar to pain I have been feeling other days. I am finding comfort in having felt it before. I find even more comfort in having had it prove to me that it changes (probably Vipassana should be helping me with that but so far my connection to it has been evading me). I am now having pain without the fear of the unknown that I had before. I find it a lot easier to take now. Its kind of a bummer because it was such a nice day but I still got some nice connecting goodbye time with friends and got my house changed into its winter state. I tried the running trick.... it didn't reallyy help this time. Overall not bad really.


  1. Tamar,

    I'm Micah's wife, Tammy...I met you this past summer on my first visit to DR. I just wanted you to know that Micah and I are thinking and wishing you the most positive thoughts and feelings. Keep smiling, walking and running! Enjoy your friends and family. Love, Tammy

  2. Hey T,

    One of the most precious gifts I've gotten from my spiritual work is understanding how much experiences that most of us experience as awful things are primarily awful because we overlay some extra stuff on top-- judgement, resistance and fear being chief among the things that make life sucky. I feel really inspired by reading this entry-- it gives me a lot of hope that you are going to continue to stay present with whatever's up and not extra, super torture yourself.

    Thanks for sharing so openly with all of us. Much love, M