Friday, September 25, 2009

The Best of the Worst

Okay so just quickly because there is no part of me that wants to be on the computer right now.

The good news is the cancer is Neurendocrine Pancreatic cancer. This is the slower growing of the pancreatic cancer options.

Clearly I have a lot to write about that... like about how when everything is so bleak that hearing that my cancer is stage 4 pancreatic cancer is super exciting.

I will post more later but the sun is out, I had a shift such that now I can breathe better, and the gamble on my life is about years not months or weeks.


  1. this is great news (ironic to say that, no?) but i am so happy to hear this (although of course i would be happier if it was a flatulence issue)- have been thinking about you and pressing reload on the blog all evening waiting for an update- so thank you! and enjoy the sun!

  2. Tami, my very first childhood friend, I am thinking of you and sending you prayers. Marianne

  3. this is super awesome Tamar. I am extremely excited as well :-) Years gives you time to find the right healer or healing methods. Love, suzanne

  4. Tamar,

    I am thinking of you, enjoy the sunshine today you deserve it


  5. Perspective really is everything isn't it? I'm so glad that the news was the best of the worst and not the worst of the worst. I hope that you are enjoying your sunshine and easier breathing. Love you!

  6. I am also glad to hear this news. Although I liked the fantasy about the new, freakish parasite that you picked up in Africa that would eventually be named after you because it was rare but so easy to rid yourself of. Now I'm on to the new fantasy where I am part of your healing journey through my newly acquired acupuncture skills. I love you and hope to talk with you again soon. Every time I try calling you it is busy so I will accept that there are others you need to talk to right now.