Monday, June 21, 2010

Topp Twins

Sharon Brounght me to THe Todds Twin show..... sooooo goood.... I felt so bad and barely made it thought but so glad that I pushed to make it go because it was great...

Now I learned a DVD The Untouchable Girls and a CDC that goes to it.... I am rpetty sure that it will be watched over and over......

I was one of 10 straight people in the audience.... super fun audience......

can wait till it gets here/

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  1. Tamar,
    Just wanted to let you know we are thinking
    about you & praying for you. You are still
    on our church prayer list. You are a strong
    person & You will overcome all these
    rough times. Abby was so inspired by a
    young fiddle player who stop by the shop
    from Des Moines Ia. last week, she said soon
    as her shoulder is better (had surg. again May 19) she was going to start playing hard again
    for YOU! We love you.
    Danette and Abby Clatt