Monday, June 7, 2010

Thanks body

Dear Body,

It has been three hours and I don't feel any worse than I did. In some ways I have more energy so maybe feel a little better. I think you have chosen to go easy on me this time. Thank you. I love you and will try to make better choices in the future.... although, maybe you were telling me that you needed New York Cheese flavor Kettle Chips...... Is there some way I can tell when you need something like that and when you need something similar but more nutritious and easier to digest.

I like to think that maybe you really needed those potato chips but I really think that you just were feeling the result of not having eaten anything since 11am. You seem to mostly feel a lot better when I eat very little. But then not.

Hmmm.... I will keep trying to figure you out. You keep healing so that there is less to figure out.

Thanks. Love you.


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