Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nausea and a hug

So the new thing is that the pain seems a little bit under control but the nausea is not under control. I am tired of it always being something. I am having a hard time focusing on the little improvements when each new thing is so uncomfortable. I never thought of myself as a puker. Now I might need to change that...I have been acting a lot like a puker.

I went to see a new doctor the other day. This one is at the Dana Farber center in Milford.... gosh its nice to drive for 5 minutes rather than an hour to get to a doctor. Mostly the visit was so my mom could feel a little less helpless when I am in pain in the middle of the night or when the drugs are acting weird in my body or when there is nothing to do but sometimes it takes an authority figure to remind her of that. Turns out that the doctor was much more what I a looking for in a doctor than the other doctor. He was empathic, he was not scared to touch me during conversation, he asked what I wanted from him, he listened to me, and best of all he was not at all weirded out seeming when I hugged him at the end of the visit. In fact I think he liked it. So now I have a doctor I can hug. Much much better. He is also trying to help me switch pain medicines back to the one recommended by the naturopath, non-opioid.


  1. by the way Tamar there is a Tong Ren group here...I'm thinking of going to check it out.
    and, also, I did not mean Yay! to the nausea but to the good huggable doctor :-) xoxo Suzanne

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