Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Apple Trees

I noticed that there are apple trees
in front of that house

Now I recall how excited I was
ten years ago when I was visiting

Because they planted pretty fruit trees
instead of the standard just pretty trees

The trees were loaded. one with red,
one green, and even a seckel pear

Every time I went to an appointment
I looked as we passed the trees

Each time more fruit was on the ground
The road is too busy for animals to forage

Each time I vowed that I would be healthy enough
to stop and ask if they were going to pick the fruit

Each time I thought about how much joy
I would get out of harvesting that fruit

Right there in the suburban neighborhood
That I grew up in

One day I even made it all the way to the house
On my not so daily walk

I took one red and one yellow apple
from the ground

The red one was perfect. Crisp, tart,
juicy. The yellow one, not so good.

On my way home I had to stop at least 3 times.
I sat on the curb eating my delicious stolen apple.

I checked with myself every day.
Is today the day I am going to ask and harvest.

Each day the reality was that I
didnt feel well enough.

Now all the apples have fallen and been cleaned up.
And I never felt healthy enough to collect them.

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