Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who Knew

So the person formerly known as Tamar who shared 3 cars with 50 other people, didn't have a cell phone, and generally stayed away from now the cell phone wearing, SUV driving, narcotics enjoying friend of the future.

When I figure out how to use the cell phone maybe I will give you the number.... but then you might want me to answer it so....maybe not.

Tonight I got some body work done by an osteopath. It was nice but not immediately profound. When I got home I decided to take pain medication to take the last edge of pain off and give myself a break for the night. I was talking on the phone with my sister and increasingly talking about how I felt rally good and tingly and that I think that the visit with the osteopath was kicking in. I was smiling and acting much more like myself..... when my sister reminded me that I had taken pain medication and I was simply high. Uh oh...what if I like this stuff too much? Oh how nice it is to feel mostly pain free.

As far as the car goes, well, I haven't actually driven it yet and I have to admit it is nice and will be nice on winter roads but it is hard to go from sharing a car with so many others and generally not driving much to being in the car a lot in an SUV that is one car to one person. In my experience Milford without a car is pretty much my idea of hell so if an SUV is my choice, I'll take it.


  1. Tamar driving an SUV...there are just so many unexpected situation that come up in life!

  2. I am sure there are some people you could find in good old Milfordia to share your SUV with.
    I've always wanted to play like I was the Bus. Pick people up, drop people off.
    Our cars get lonely, you can feel it when you take your consciousness from the box of the drivers compartment and spread it to the side and back.
    Dichotomy, is that a word? I feel it too.

  3. Well its a good thing you've been stockpiling "carbon cred" for the last 9 years :-)

    And I know that oxycodone feeling - wasn't worth getting surgery for but fun for a little while.