Friday, October 30, 2009

Back on Pain Meds

So much to catch up on but I feel like this now bleerhsjdnfsd ,mnflksdnabsdf,mcvnsdfnfdgviurhgsjhdbdhdb.....blubblubblub


  1. don't feel bad Tamar....maybe it is not good for your immune system for you to be in pain either. pain meds won't prevent you from,


  2. seems like a perfectly reasonable way to feel under the circumstances...

  3. HI Tamar,
    On the radio yesterday, there was a program about a conference on the brain and music. The director was from the Cleveland Clinic and I thought of you. I know music is a big part of your mom's life and maybe yours. Thought there might be some help with the pain by listening to particular types of music. I could try and find out more if you are interested. Good luck with the pain meds. I can't imagine not taking them when you are in such pain. Sorry it is so hard. I am thinking of you. Love, Elaine