Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So I have decided to give up completely on the pain killers offered by my doctor..... they pretty much kill the pain and then make way more pain.... I believe they were blocking my ability to heal....

What that means is that yesterday and last night sucked..... alot.... I have never experienced such intense and long lasting pain... the hardest part was not knowing when and if it would dissipate. My 1pm acupuncture appointment couldn't come soon enough.... Thankfully it helped a lot. Now I am feeling markedly better which is still far from how I would like to be feeling.



  1. Hi Tamar,

    I know that was a tough decision...I'm so sorry you had a hard night and really glad the accupuncture helps.



  2. I am sorry you have to feel this pain, but I agree that the drugs may hamper your healing process. Try to look at this pain as transformational- it will serve a purpose for you, whatever that may be. We cannot understand these things when they are happening necessarily, but the reasons sometimes become clear when we jump in with both feet and accept. I love you and can't wait to be part of your pain-relieving process. I'm so glad that acupuncture has been helpful for you! Like I always say, "Acupuncture works!"

  3. I know that wasn't an easy decision Tamar, especially trying to get through last night. I'm glad that the acupuncture helped and I hope that there are many more helpful treatments in the future that will help you get even closer to being pain-free! I also hope that you're able to get adeuqate rest despite the pain so you can get all the healing energy your body is asking for! I love you!