Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An email from my dad

This is an early email from my father. This was prior to my asking for things not to be set in battle terms. He has been super respectful of my request. I think this email is super cute.

Hi TamTam

It was good to hear that you are feeling better had a sushi meal without pain. It is good start and we were happy to hear it. Just for the fun of it and stress relief

I am preparing for having the fight of our life to get you back to your own self so we are doing the following:

I got my horse in shape, sharpened my sword, and exercised many hours a day. Mom is daunting her Mogen David outfit (Jewish red cross) . and by the time you get here we will be all ready. Sharon and Rachel will be our foot soldiers and we will win the battle

Just to give you an idea what we look like here are the pictures:

Dad with his battle outfit

Mom with her equipment to assist in case of injury

Sharon in battle outfit

Rachel in battle outfit

And the last but not least our fearless Tamar

So get ready TamTam


  1. Thanks for sharing this...I enjoyed its sweetness.

  2. Ha ha ha! This is so funny! Thanks for sharing it.