Saturday, October 10, 2009


I have been super exhausted/lethargic for the past few days. I am thinking that I need to make changes in my diet and am starting to do that. Hopefully things will change.

I recognize that I am responding even less to email and offers to visit. Please know that everything anyone has written or said to me has been great. I know it is challenging to know what to say or how to act. Please just trust yourself because everything that is coming in has been great and even if I don't respond I am appreciating it. I hope you will not give up on me because of my lack of response.

For those in MA. I too want to see you. For now I am really not taking visitors... my days have been full with appointments and eating and taking baths and sleeping. I am not up for visits yet but know that I am not ignoring you and that hopefully I will have more energy soon.

As I expected, I would be doing some more turning inward in MA. It feels true.

I had a great massage last night and some super relaxing acupuncture today....both practitioners happened to be left handed... maybe I will choose my care team based on their handedness.

For those who were with me before my departure to come to MA. Yes, I think that if you were to compare my health right now with what you saw it would be considered more severe. Mostly I am staying in the moment and watching what is and trying not to compare.

Thanks everyone for your continued, most amazing support. Every bit has an effect so try not to doubt yourselves.



  1. I understand Tamar....I'm here if you need me. I know you are in good hands with your family.

  2. It is so amazing to me that in this time you still are thinking about us and our feelings...that is what makes you a true miracle.