Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good Funny Movies

Do you have any suggestions for good funny movies.

It is hard to know what to ask for on netflix. Maybe even just really good movie suggestions would be helpful.



  1. What comes to the top of my head...
    The Big Lebowski
    Office Space...maybe only applicable if you actually worked in a cube
    O Brother where art thou?

    Glad to hear you feeling better!


  2. here are some movies I've enjoyed (from my netflix queue!), not that many are funny but not depressing either.

    Paprika (Japanese anime--wild!)
    Wrestling with Angels: Tony Kushner (documentary)
    In her shoes (light, funny)
    Slings and Arrows (tv series about theater, funny)
    2 Days in Paris (funny, sad!)
    Constantine's Sword (interesting)
    the Dhamma Brothers (documentary)
    Secretary (funny!)
    the Shipping News
    Young@Heart (documentary)

    If I think of anything else I'll post it! I wish I could watch movies with you.


  3. We just watched Elling...amazing quirky Norwegian film...well worth the subtitles!


  4. Elf (funny, silly, touching)
    Airplane ( so stupid it's hilarious)

  5. We thought of more.

    "Freaky Friday" with Jamie Lee Curtis,
    "Forgetting Sarah Marshall",
    "In and Out" with Kevin Kline and Joan Cusack,
    "Enchanted" and "Ever After", both Cinderella stories with a twist,
    "French Kiss" with Kevin Kline as a French man...
    "LA Story"
    "Flirting with Disaster"
    Kurt likes "Brain Donors" and "Mr. Destiny", "Hook"

    Happy laughing!

  6. I'm not sure if it's your style of movie, but I found "Keeping Mum" to be a pretty nice break from reality... not absolutely hilarious, but pleasant and humorous. It has "Mr. Bean" in it, but in a more serious role.

  7. not funny, but my favorite movie is called "Queen of the trees" its a doccumentary about the african fig tree and the fig wasp. its free to download all over the internet.