Saturday, August 14, 2010

What if the plight of the local currency is sexier than me?

Nathan has been a most amazing support to me since
the moment he arrived

He has been available to me on a moments notice

Cooking, cleaning, emotional support, body work
Research, leaving his friends and home

Being in Greenfield has been great for both of us

I worry though because there is a lot in Greenfield
that is sexier than dealing with a sick friend who is not always

Especially I am worried that I might be ousted by


Nathan has taken an interested in the local currency
and it seems to have taken in interest in him.

He is always with it, it is always with him.

It seems to be much more willing to cuddle
than I currently am

It is hurting, maybe on the brink of death

It needs help, needs revival.

So I cant even one up it on that.

What if Nathan decides to support that Greenfield dollar
more than me.... I think it is less toxic.

I will be sad but I understand, reviving the Greenfield Dollar
might make a bigger impact in the world than reviving me.

(this is a joke..... I am super excited that Nathan has gotten so excited about trying to help a nearly unknown local currency come into widely and valued use)

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