Monday, May 31, 2010

How Many

Sometimes people ask me how many people follow this blog. I am able to see that at least 61 people do but frequently people tell me that they do but are not subscribed. I also don't know the difference between when people sign up for email alerts and when they are a follower of the blog.

If you understand the difference please let me know what it is.

Also, if you are not a follower but are reading it will you drop me a quick email to let me know so that I can more accurately answer people when they ask me.



  1. Hi Tamar,

    I don't know if I am a "subscriber" or a "reader"..... but I'm here.



  2. Now I am officially a "follower" to help you keep track. :)

    I love you and I miss you terribly!

  3. Hi Tamar, I am a follower and a reader- I think I am a follower as I get emailed updates about when you've written so that I know to go to the blog. But I sometimes go when no updates come, just to make sure that I am not missing anything. I really, really appreciate the work that you do to maintain this (and I am sure that it must be extremely difficult at times)- so thank you! I've been thinking about you lots and sending you good energy.
    Love, Michele

  4. Hi Tamar,

    I didn't subscribe, so I don't get emails about new posts, but I do look in about once a week to see how things are going. You teach me about being human. I send you good energy. We've met a couple of times, I work with Sharon. Love, Nancy

  5. Hi Tamar,

    I have your blog bookmarked and follow it but don't receive emails so I must not be subscribed.


  6. I have your page bookmarked and open it every day. So count me in. :)


  7. Tamar, I am a follower. I get email updates but I am maked anonymous & I don't have a
    picture posted. Also I make a paper copy
    & give to Mom & Dad so they can follow you.
    Miss you, Danette

  8. Hi Tamar,

    This site talks about subscribers versus followers:

    But then there are just regular visitors and also RSS readers. It can all get pretty confusing. Check you blog's dashboard to see if they offer ways to count how many readers you have.


  9. I have no clue whether I'm a "follower" or not, but I do receive it by e-mail. Hope this helps.

  10. Hi Tamar,

    I am not a subscriber, but I am a follower, and I do get emails when you have new posts - sometimes...I am a friend of Danit's and I met you only twice. I also so you on "30 Days" long ago!! Your blog is awesome and so are you. Thank you for all of your honesty and raw thoughts. You are often a part of my intentions at the beginning of my yoga practice. Love to you...

  11. Tamar,
    I'm here as well, almost daily, but am not a subscriber. I believe some of my family members (mom, dad, brother, etc) check in as well.

  12. Hey Tamar, I have been following but not as a member. Now I am an offical follower! My partner Betsy and I were at Sandhill for a while about 4 years ago and we met you there. You used to make special dishes for me at the potlucks because I could not have fats or heated oils. So, thanks! and thanks for sharing your life with all of us!

  13. hi Tamar,
    I'm judith sara, sharon's friend, the pet sitter. we've met a couple times, at her wedding and when you came for pride. i think i'm a follower, as i don't get email reminding me to look at your blog. but i remember and follow you. i think i'd follow you anywhere :-)you're amazing!

  14. Hi Tamar,

    I have been reading for just a couple of weeks, I don't get email updates. You are a great writer, I'm beginning to feel connected to your journey even though I just started reading.

    I went to Oberlin with Sharon. I met you once I think, at graduation. My sister, dad, and his girlfriend and I were eating in a restaurant. You and Sharon walked by, and started making fish faces against the glass window. My dad has it on video! :)

    I saw Sharon and Rachel on their drive back from NC, and in a later email exchange Sharon sent me a link to your blog. Thank you so much for sharing with your writing. You are in my thoughts and I am sending positive energy your way!


  15. Hi, Tami (Sorry. Stuck in the past!)

    It's pretty easy to install Sitemeter on your blog. It will track lots of stats for you, like number of visitors and their locations. It's free, and you can get it by going here:

    I get your posts by e-mail and think of you often, although it has probably been 15 years since I've seen you. My brother is following your blog, as well.

    Rebecca (aka Becky from Milford)

  16. I follow your blog...Your words are a strong inspiration to many. My positive thoughts are reaching out to you on your journey...Kim P.S. My brother is Thomas.