Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Release from Crying

TonightI needed to be challengeg. It kept getting stuck..... I decided to call my dad..... i got it out.... it was helpful to get it out. for the most partet was helpful. Right now I am about t crash because I am drugged out by the sleep drug..... it is kicking in..... i feel calmer.... the crying was very useful....

Could even have a normal conversation with Nathan... thinking about ideas that will keep our sanity..... maybe i will get enough be able to bake a rock and we could learn the ropes to visiing farmets markets. Make freinds. Maybe connect with other cooops..... Feel good enough to hang with Rebecca and Suzanne. So dlose......things are looking better. slowly.... someday I want a big fad ice cream and some fried chicken....

okay cooked off now.

1 comment:

  1. hi t,

    sorry to hear you are so cooked off--i'd be cooked off too if i tried to bake a rock. man, i hate those days when i feel dlose, that sucks. but fad ice cream is the best!


    ps save me some of those sweet sleeping pills!