Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Where are you Tamar?"

I just spend the last few hours going through my photos all the way back to when I went digital in about 2003. I am trying to make a presentation about natural building for the cob workshop that I am helping with in May. I am making an assumption that this current blip in my health will clear soon and I will again be available for such things.

There are a lot of memories that come up for me in looking at my photos. I am recognizing that I have let go of a lot of the pain that used to be tied up in some of those memories and the fulfillment that I got from my life at Dancing Rabbit is shining through stronger than the struggles.

I just checked my email before stopping this project for the night and I got one from Liat telling me that the chalk board says "Where are you Tamar?"

I am here, trying again/still to heal. Still loving it and wishing I could be here, there, and everywhere. Still scared and uncertain. Still joyful.... and imagining being there at DR with all of you who I miss very very much.

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  1. And we miss you very very much, dear friend!

    amy, Juan and Jolyon