Thursday, April 15, 2010

Living Alone

I have been living in Northampton for a couple of weeks now. I really love it and feel very grateful for the situation. I am houssitting in a super cute bungalow. Wow, more than one room all to myself. I was prepared to face loneliness but so far I have not felt lonely. Sharon and Rachel are nearby, as is Melany, Ashley, and come to find out that Bob Cook is my neighbor. On the weekends a bike lab is run out of this house so its like instant connections.

The chickens that I am taking care of are sweet. I am not so into responsibility right now though and I could do without having to be back at dusk to close them in for the night. Luckily the neighbors are willing to help out sometimes.

Things are nearly perfect here... well they are perfect except that I am having some pain in my gall bladder area that concerns me. Its mild but hurts more when I do things like say.... go for a 12 mile bike ride or to a dance event. It doesnt feel like a big deal when I am not thinking about how I really want to play ultimate frisbee. I have been thinking that once I got the stent out it would be about a week and then I would be ready.... it is a week today and I hink it wouldnt be a good idea to play right now. There is the opportunity three times a week (well more than that but I dont want to play on a team). I am having to learn again about taking it easy.

I talked to my GI doctor yesterday. He wants me to get blood tests to check my liver enzymes. I dont think that will tell what is going on. I told him that I didnt think that would tell us anything and he told me that he knows that I like to do things my own way and think that I can heal myself and that it is my body but that I really need to listen to the doctors and do what they tell me should be done. Hmmm... thats the number one way to get me to not do what he wants me to do. I am considering trying to get my oncologist to order an ultrasound.

In general I feel a huge abundance in my life. I feel super lucky to have the time right now to focus on healing. I am happy to once again have a lot of ideas of htings I want to do but cant do them all at the same time. I love being here, I want to go live in Portland for a while, I want to be at Dancing Rabbit, I want to go on a tour to visit friends. I am feeling joy like I have never felt it before.

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  1. Who's Bob cook?

    I hope you continue to listen to your heart for your health decisions, and all decisions in general!

    Love you :-)