Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stent Removal

Last week I got the stent out. It took me a while to decide to do it. I felt stuck between what the doctors said which was that I definitely needed to get it out because it had already been in there way too long and what the people who saved my life said which was, wait and see if my body can deal with it.

I realized that having a piece of plastic in me would make it so that any time I felt anything I would be worried about something going wrong with the plastic thing. I spent a lot of time worring that the pain I was feeling was becuase of it.... so finally I decided to get it out. The problem is that I coudnt find a doctor who would promise not to put another one in. The idea is that if the bile duct didnt drain when they took out the stent they would put two in its place to stretch out any scar tissue that was there and then eventually either put in a third or take out the two if it drains. It sound like a bad idea to me. I took the risk and it was worth it because everything drained. The tissue apparently looked great and the docotr seemed very pleased and somewhat shocked.

The nurse brought my tong ren doll and laser inot the operating room with me. She was super nice and supportive. I really appreciate her. My mom tapped on a doll in the waiting room during my procedure.

So why am I still feeling discomfort. Grrr..... I thought this would be done......

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