Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nathan and the Fam

This is a photo from when Nathan was visiting. (posed because my dad wanted to bring photos to Israel with him). This documents a time when my body was feeling great, my weight was back to normal but my spirit was still finding its way back to me. Prior to the last scan, which brought me to the place of considering myself cancer free and on the serious path to discovering healing, I was still struggling emotionally. The great hand of depression had loosened its grip but I still felt sullen a lot of the time. Despair, despair, despair..... how would I continue with my life, what if I get the scan and things are worse, whats next, whats now..... racing mind.
This is also the time when I started being able to feel nature again. Lying in the snow, skiing under the sunny blue skies, winter time delight. I wasn't just looking at it anymore, knowing that I used to think it was beautiful, I could feel it again. Also this is when meditation came back to me as a tool, and chi gong started feeling powerful.
I feel deep gratitude for the friendship and support I got from Nathan during this time.

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