Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monica's Artwork

This is an example of Monica's artwork on my back. Believe it or not it not only doesn't hurt but feels really great. The photo on the left are temporary marks left from fire cupping and the marks on the right are temporary marks left from gua sha. Monica has been working on my body and mind since I first saw Tom. She even came to my house once when I was in too much pain to travel.
The first time Monica did gua sha on my body it was a joyous occasion. Every part of me knew that it was what my body needed. There was a glimmer of hope amidst the pain, fear, and disconnection from my body. The idea behind running a dull edge across the skin (gently) is that it increases circulation and releases stagnation and blockage from the tissues underneath. It is pretty amazing to watch how only certain places that are scraped end up with these marks. Some places show almost nothing while others gets deep maroon.
Fire cupping also feel pretty powerful. I just had it done yesterday and it was quite painful. As soon as the cups were released my headache went away and has been gone ever since. Also whats not to like about someone holding a flaming cotton ball over me and sticking beautiful glass cups to my back.
I so appreciate the place that Monica has held in my healing team. I think I have become a Monica addict. When I went to DR for two weeks I couldn't wait to see her again. Powerful hands, powerful spirit, healer.

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