Monday, March 15, 2010

From Sickness to Health: A Photo Evolution

Because I can't really deal with figuring out the html for getting the photos as I want them, the next many posts are going to be the photo evolution instead of having them in one post. I wish it would just put the photos where I put them and the text where I put it.

Do It Yourself IV

Dr. Davis was super helpful as the whole diagnosis was going down. At this point I was already super jaundiced and had to have an IV in for the CT scan. I asked Dr. Davis if he would give me some fluids to take home with me so I could have Jan help me put them into my body. When I had to urinate.... which was a lot from all the fluid.... I hung the bag on my clothes line to keep it above the IV site. At first I tried to hold it up with my other hand but that proved to not work very well... takes way more coordination than it seems like it would.

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