Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When a Stranger Speaks My Truth

There is so much here that fills Soul. Soul is part of so much here. Mind is feeling called back as soon as possible. Heart disagrees.

A near stranger suggests that when no option feels like the right one then it is time to wait. Wait and the path will appear. Heart agrees. Heart really agrees. Mind throws a foot stomping tantrum.

With a knotted mess of string Patience is big and present. Wait for something unknown and Patience plays a disappearing act.

Garden is calling. Mind is ready to answer. Sunchokes, salad, asparagus, strawberries, mushrooms..... stomach is on board. Trellises, arbors, fencing, gate posts, bed edges. Heart says not now.



  1. Tamar,

    So good to read that you are enjoying yourself at Dancing Rabbit!

    My advice to you would be, "Just follow your heart. Let life unfold. There are so many adventures to be found. You never know what's waiting beyond that bend."

    In the meantime,savor every moment spent there. It sounds like such a magical place!

    Best Wishes,
    Sandra Newhouse
    (Haverhill Class)

  2. Tamar,

    The advice you received matches that of my dear father....Years ago he told me the same thing, and his advice has always served me well.

    With much love,
    Metta (Nathan's mom)

    #401: Horns of A Dilemma
    When you find yourself
    sitting on
    the horns of a dilemma,
    do not be in a hurry
    to make your decision.

    Take your time,
    be patient and
    live with the question
    as long as is necessary.

    With time, you will find
    that one day you will wake up
    and know, with certainty,
    exactly what you need to do
    -- and your dilemma
    will no longer even be
    a question.

    ~ With gratitude to my father ~

    "The point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer. ~ Ranier Maria Rilke, Advice to a Young Poet

    "Unresolved conflict is a sure sign of the presence of God." ~ Unknown