Friday, February 19, 2010

Whats Next

You have held me through this journey so far. You have helped me find my heart again, find my path. You might have ideas for me now that I feel no limits on what I can do, where I can go.

Please feel free to share ideas you have for me of what I can do next..... or even if you want to share what you would do if you could do anything.....



  1. Hello Tamar,

    I know your "next thing" will come to may not be the right time yet. As an astrology buff, I say, I'm guessing things might move forward in mid-March, when the planet of action (Mars) goes direct. I think you were right on with your idea of waiting until you feel a clear impetus to move forward.
    Since you ask for ideas...what comes to mind for me is your strong desire for a partner and my hope that you will take this into account in your next stage of life and live somewhere where you have the best chance of meeting new people.
    What also comes to mind is taking classes somewhere in some kind of alternative healing curriculum. And thinking about how these two goals could combine :-)

    And thirdly I see you in a really beautiful natural location--out west? Portland Oregon, Colorado?

    But selfishly I would love to see you move to New England for awhile--Massachusetts, Vermont :-)

    I am sure your next plan will come. Do research and pay attention to what excites you...

    love, Suzanne

    Love, Suzanne

  2. here is my other idea--this is what i would do if I had 2800 dollars:

    Soniyoga teacher training program

    (sorry can't paste link for some reason)

    not because I want to teach yoga but because Soni is such an amazing teacher. I think you are an amazing yoga teacher and that this course could take you to a whole new level (learning ayurveda, new meditation and breathing techniques,etc.)

    love, Suzanne